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Sepia Mitted M (Malcom)
  • Sepia Mitted M (Malcom)

    $1,800.00 Regular Price
    $1,400.00Sale Price

    I am about the sweetest boy you could ever meet. If you even just look at me I start to purr. My favorite place is whereever you are.. My favorite place to snuggle is right underneith your chin. I'll happily stay there until you move. I am very playful with the dog, the younger kittens , I even made firends with the bird, kinda. I am hoping for a furrever familywith another kitty or a dog or kids any age. I would likely be a good kitty to take camping and leash train. Finally, I am very attuned to emotions and would make a wonderful ESA. Alreafy fixed


    Queen : Mara

    King:  Fluffy

    DOB 01/02/2023

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