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 Our Story 

It all started with two cats. My good friend from RagdollsNW was retiring two of her queens and asked if I would be interested. Having just lost my kitty Zena I was in mourning and looking for a new kitty to shower with love. Callie was Sadie’s mom and had already been fixed. Sadie turned out to be pregnant. So I soon found myself with an adorable litter of four. Not my plan, but it sure was fun to have little kittens around playing and purring. One thing led to another, and voila! I now have a small cattery. All of our kittens are raised lovingly underfoot, they are sweet-natured with silky soft fur and well socialized. They are TICA registered. Registration will be provided after proof of spay or neuter.



Mitted Lynxpoint

~Matriarch Retired Queen~

Sadie Sue

Mitted Lynxpoint 

~Retired Queen~

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