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  Furrever Family  

Ragdolls are a loving adaptable, affectionate breed of cat. While that is indicative of the breed, it is important to realize that each kitty has an individual personality. Some are shyer, or cautious than others. Some are very outgoing and curious about everyone they interact with. No matter their personality type, moving to a new home is stressful. Think of yourself and how challenging it is to move. Now, try to imagine how you might feel as a tiny kitten in a big new home.


There are some ways to increase the comfort level of your new furr baby and their transition to your home.


  1. Start small by having your kitten in a small room such as an office or bathroom. Locate the food, as well as the litter box and kitty bed or blanket in that room. Be sure to show your new furrbaby where each is. Spend some time with them in that room, talk to them so that they get used to the sound of your voice as well as your scent. 

  2. Let the kitten come to you. Having them make the first move will give them confidence. You can entice them with a toy, or food.

  3. You should plan to keep them in a small room for about a week. Be sure that members of the family spend time with the new furr baby throughout the day and in the evening.


Introducing your new furr baby to other members of the fur family may take a week or more.

  1. If your furrbaby is coming to a home with other pets you can increase the likelihood of them feeling comfortable by sharing sleeping blankets or beds. This will allow them to smell the other pet and help them to become comfortable.

  2. Have a pet gate, baby gate or another method for your fur family to see each other but not to interact with one another. 

  3. Slowly introduce them to one another by having them eat their meals within eyesight of one another. Keep this up for a couple of days or up to a week depending on the reaction of each fur baby

  4. Then remove barriers while feeding and see how they react.


It is 100 PERCENT normal for your kitten to not feel comfortable at first. Be patient, give it a little time.

Signs of Stress in Kittens

Like an infant, your kitten can not tell you what is wrong, how they are feeling or if they are stressed. They are relying on you to watch their behavior and help them.


Stress is a reaction to a new environment or a new event. A new environment such as a new home, new furniture or a change of litterbox location. An event, a new pet, family member, or a move. I found a great article about stress from a magazine I like called Catster Magazine.

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