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  • Kallen


    Hi I am Kallen!

    I am a sweet purring kitten. I love to snuggle and rub my head against your hand. When you put your hand out, I will use my paws around your arm so you can pick me up and I can give you kitty kisses. If you are not paying attention or you are working on your computer, I will bound onto your lap and then up your chest, purring and rubbing on your face and hands. If you are looking for a kitty that will be your constant companion, follow you everywhere, and sit on your shoulder or chest. I am your kitten! I would be an excellent choice for an emotional support animal. I am a silver spotted tabby kitten which is an usual color for Ragdollkittens4U


    Queen: Dobby

    King: Yoda

    DOB May 31, 2020

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