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Alexander - Blue Mitted Ragamuffin M
  • Alexander - Blue Mitted Ragamuffin M

    $1,800.00 Regular Price
    $1,000.00Sale Price

    Hi I am Alexander!

    I am a pest! I will follow you from room to room, sit on your keyboard as you try to type, and hop on your lap while you are in the bathroom. I have a big purr and a sweet personality.


    I am good with dogs, other kitties and young cats. I would be ok with older kids.


    I did have a previous owner, an older woman. I was showered with love and pampered as a king with daily brushings and spa days for baths and nail clippings. I even got a microchip. Sadly my owner died suddenly and tragically. It took a little while, but I was reunited with my mom and dad and even one of my syblings. Now I am ready for my purrfect furrever family. I am a blue mitted Ragamuffin. Alexander was altered by his previous owner so he is ready for a loving home right now.


    Queen: Bonnie

    King: Yoda

    DOB May 25. 2020

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