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Blue Sepia Mitted Tabby Ragamuffin F
  • Blue Sepia Mitted Tabby Ragamuffin F

    $1,800.00 Regular Price
    $1,000.00Sale Price


    Update...Look at me I have grown a lot! I now have a beautiful full mane, big round expressive green eyes and a loving personality. I look similar to Henry Madsen in coloring but I am also unique. I love to be brushed which is good as my mane requires a bit of maintanence.   I purr easily and love to sit on laps, chest or shoulders.  I am  independent and confident and would be fine with dogs or other cats.  I am already spayed and up to date on my vaccines. I am just looking for my purrrfect fuuureverr family.


    DOB Sept. 17, 2021

    Queen: Princess Sweet Pea

    King: Master Yoda

    Coloring Blue Sepia Mitted Tabby Ragamuffin

    Eyes Green

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