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Prince Caspian
  • Prince Caspian

    $2,000.00 Regular Price
    $1,800.00Sale Price

    Prince Caspian,

    Loves to climb! I often find him on top of anything high. Once he gets to the top of the China hutch or three level kennel. He proudly looks out over all he can see and lets out a meow to let all know he has claimed his territory. Then after a little while, he will softly meow to let me know he is stuck and can't get down. 

    He purrs easily and loves to crawl up on my chest and bump his head into mine. He is a lover boy and if their were less cats in the house he would gladly claim that spot...but alas, he only gets it some of the time. He plays with the dogs a little but mainly ignores them.  He does like to play with his spring and his straw.  He is a stunningly beautiful boy! He would be fine with kids and cat friendly dogs. He is a dark blue color  with a white undercoat that is hard to capture on my phone. The pictures do not do him justice. He is already neutered and pawsitively ready for his furrever family!


    DOB: May 19, 2021

    King: Yoda

    Queen: Shasta

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