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Ebonique Black Ragdoll
  • Ebonique Black Ragdoll

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    Hi I'm Ebonique!

    I am a loving sweet little kitty who likes to cuddle and play.  When I was younger I got an eye infection that resulted in some low vision out of one eye. It doesn't affect me. I still climb and play and run a round chasing the dog or my brother Ninja.

    She will be ready to go on July 9th ( I am taking her in to Opthamology to look at her eye again and see how much vision she has and what if anything can be done to fix it) He eye problem is reflected in her princing. That and she slow to warm up and shy.


    Queen: Libby

    King: Mr. Moose

    DOB 3/27/23

    Spay Date July 3rd


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