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Izzy- Tuxedo Ragamuffin
  • Izzy- Tuxedo Ragamuffin

    $1,800.00 Regular Price
    $1,200.00Sale Price

    Hi ! I am Izzy

    If you want a kitty with personality plus...I'm your kitty! I am very smart, I can play fetch, open doors, open cabinets, talk to you and let you know when it is time to feed me. I have a soft silky coat that shimmers in the light. I am very outgoing, and playful.

    I am very fast and acrobatic. I love to play and climb. I am a very loyal and loving kitten with my person. I would make an excellent emotional support kitty for my person.  I want to be nearby or on your chest or lap including when you are in the bathroom. I give lots of kitty kisses and purr contentedly under your chin. I am good with other cats, or dogs and am very outgoing. Izzy has been off of the market for a long time. She was my emotional support animal and did a wonderful job of getting me through when my mother passed. It is only because of combining our catteries that I am willing to let Izzy go. It has been one of many hard choices. Izzy is already fixed and ready to go to her new furrever family.


    King: Yoda

    Queen: Mara

    DOB Dec. 31, 2020

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