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Boomer Mink Bicolor M
  • Boomer Mink Bicolor M

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    Hi! I am Boomer!

    I am a very playful kitty. I love to play with the dog, my brothers, the kittens, and anyone or anything else. I would love to be in a home with a playful dog, or a home with teenagers or adults. I play a little rough sometimes so young children may not be the best home for me nor a home where I am a single cat or the only cat my age. Did I mention I love to play! Some of the older kitties don't appreciate my type of play and don't like to be pounced on or wrestled. I'm very smart and have a big personality. After I get tired of playing.... I love a good snoooze and snuggle with my huuman. I love to get on your chest or under your chin. I am a purr machine. I wouldn't be happy if I didn't have someone to play with and I am left alone for much of the time. That would make me very sad. In the pictures you can see with my brothers I am the one leaping to new opportunities. My brothers are Malcom and Mavrick. From left to right it's my brother Maverick who looks a lot like me except he is a little fluffier and has a dark spot on his shoulder, Malcom then Me.  


    Queen Mara

    King: Fluffy

    DOB 1/2/23



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